Evie Drost
Evie Drost was born in York, Pennsylvania, USA to Herb and Ruth Witmyer.  She enjoys reading, writing, traveling and being a wife and mom.
David & Wanda
David is 12 years old with a love for anything related to design and building. He is a devoted Star Wars and Legos fan. He blesses his family with his thoughtful and compassionate spirit.

Wanda is a fun-loving 9 year old who loves all things 'girly'. She enjoys sign language and singing! She brings a special spark of joyfulness to all she does.
About Evangelist Mark Drost
Mark Drost began his ministry at the age of 15, dedicating his life to the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has had the distinguished privilege of serving faithfully as pastor, foreign missionary, church founder and evangelist.

In 2010, Evangelist Drost felt the call of God to dedicate himself completely to the ministry of bilingual evangelism. HIs passion is to reach the lost and hungry souls of this dark and dying world. God has honored his dedication to this cause by manifesting Himself in miracles, signs, wonders, healings and 4,049 filled with the Holy Spirit during the course of 2011 and 4,896 filled during 2012.

Born in Canada to missionary parents, T.W. and Wanda Drost , Rev. Drost currently resides in Arlington, Texas, U.S.A.  He has been married to Evie Witmyer Drost for 19 years and is the proud father of David, 12, and Wanda, 9. 
Bill Drost, Mark Drost's grandfather, was a pioneer apostolic missionary to the country of Colombia.
T.W. Drost and the late Wanda Drost,
missionary parents of Mark Drost.
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Double clicDavid and Wanda with Grandpa Drost.